Africa Travelogues 12/30/2001 - 5/21/2002

These are travelogues I wrote on my 4.5 month journey through mostly East and Southern Africa. Click the text title to get the travelogue itself. The scanned photos icons point to galleries of photos taken at the times and places described in the travelogues. All travelogues contain numerous links to photos. Where space allows, I have also included thumbnails of the images themselves.

  1. A bloody cold day in London
  2. Under african skys scanned photos
  3. Nairobi with luggage
  4. Goodby Nairobi, if only for a while
  5. Lions and Cheetas and Rinos (oh my) scanned photos
  6. The green hills of Uganda scanned photos
  7. Gorillas in the mist scanned photos
  8. Lake Victoria and Lake Nakuru National Parkscanned photos
  9. Bike vs Buffalo scanned photos
  10. Goodby Nairobi, Hello Arusha
  11. The wild serengeti scanned photos
  12. From Arusha to Zanzibar scanned photos
  13. A little monkey business scanned photos
  14. A ticket to ride
  15. Trains, trials, teams, and transitions scanned photos
  16. Moonlight at Victoria Falls scanned photos
  17. An unplanned, unnecessary excursion into Zim scanned photos
  18. From the banks of the river Zambezi to the Skeleton Coast scanned photos
  19. Across the dunes and the Tropic of Capricorn to the Cape of Good Hope scanned photos
  20. A little wondering around Cape Town scanned photos
  21. Running to mummy
  22. A minor debacle at the pyramids scanned photos
  23. Down the Nile, pharaoh style scanned photos
  24. A brief meeting with Alex scanned photos
  25. Sunset on the Sahara (siwa) scanned photos
  26. More pyramids scanned photos
  27. Dahab, Cairo, and the last beach
  28. The good, the bad, and the ugly
  29. End game scanned photos