The green hills of Uganda

Mon, 14 Jan 2002 00:57:03 +0800

Greetings from Kampala, Uganda.

This day 3 of the 15 day trek out to the Gorillas in Rwanda. Last night we camped near the shore the White Nile. In Egypt this may be a wide, quiet river. But, up here, near the source, it's a place for white water rafting. We'll do that on the return leg.

Uganda seems a bit friendlier than Kenya. Less dust, better roads, less sense of menace. This is despite the lower incomes here. In Uganda, traditional huts go right up to the main roads.

The ATM's here don't yet work for international transactions. Unfortunate but since, I'm on tour the whole time, it won't eat very far into my stash of travelers checks.

Here's a word for your "moongoonzoon". It's what the children in the Western Kenya/East Uganda call white people. We attracted a lot of stares in the small town we stopped at for lunch yesterday.

Oh well. Must dash. The Internet cafes here are rather draconian in how they allocate time.