A bloody cold day in London

Mon, 31 Dec 2001 06:32:56 +0800

I popped out of the British Museum for a bit. I was having trouble breathing (because of sinuses) and staying awake. I am hoping the anti-hystemine will help me sleep a little better on the flight to Nairobi tonight. The hot coco from the cafe certainly felt good anyway. I think it's about freezing but it feels colder than that. 'Sort of like the way San Francisco does.

I am hoping my luggage got processed right. Last night I changed planes in Toronto. As I passed by the baggage carrosel I noticed that my bag was there. It was supposed to be check through to Nairobi. I took it up to the desk and they sent it on it's way.

Anyway, lots of cool stuff at the British Museum but you need to find it (took a while) and you have to stay awake to appreciate it. It's more than hour to get from Heathrow to the British Museum via the Underground.