Engineers in Exile

(Home of Eric Edwards and a few brave souls who trust me with their email)

Things you will find here

Mountain Gorilla

and Travelogues and from my 4.5 month journey through Africa.
The Bayon, Cambodia

and Travelogues and from the trip that followed: 6 months in Southeast Asia
Rano Raraku, Easter Island

and Travelogues from the next adventure: a two week microtrip to Easter Island and Peru
Galapagos Islands images

and travelogues from The Galapagos Islands
India images

Photos and travelogues from Six Months on the Subcontinent
Madagascar images

Photos and travelogues from Madagascar and East Africa

  1. A rather dated view of what Engineers in Exile means to me.
  2. A simple form that will allow you to send me email without exposing my email address to every spammer with a web spider.
  3. A recipe for homemade gu
  4. A trivial recipe for homemade sport drink
  5. My résumé which requires that you identify yourself and give some explanation of how you found out about me. Do look, though. Travel and photography are fun, but I earn my keep designing ASIC's and FPGA's and I am looking for my next gig.

Things you will not find here

  1. Frames
  2. Java
  3. Browser specific HTML
  4. Over complex, over specified HTML
  5. Gratuitous embellishments
Most pages were created by hand or with my own scripts. The only pages generated by code other than my own are the base level image pages which were created by Album. The HTML is a little more complex than I would write, but overall, it fits in with the above.