Home-made sport drink

This  following delivers ~480 calories


120g Dextrose
0.75 tsp / 4.2g salt
2 liters (70oz) water


Not much, really.  Mix and go.  Dextrose disolves easily in water.  The result is slightly sweet.  Add a little fruit juice for flavoring, if desired.


As simple as it is, I still can't claim full credit for this recipe.  It is a minor modification of another recipe*.  I replaced the table sugar (sucrose) with Dextrose.  Sucrose is 50% fructose.  That's far too much.  The human body's ability to process and consume fructose is quite limited.  The excess has a tendency to ferment in the digestive tract, causing gas, bloating, and dehydration.  Not good.  Curiously, Gatorade gets this wrong too.  Good electrolyte cocktail but poorly thought out for delivering calories.

*I used to have a link to the original but the site on which the page was hosted no longer exists.

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