Half baked Asia photos

These are the photos I took, ordered (or maybe that's disordered) by film roll. Minimal culling and polishing has been done. A few bad scans, out of focus shots, and obvious duplicates have been removed. Mostly though, they're pretty raw.

These are only the photos shot on film. The digital photos are organized by travelogue.

All photos were taken with a Minolta Maxxum 5. It is essentially a clone of the camera I used in Africa with two exceptions:

  1. The addition of a 1.4 teleconverter means I could go up to 420mm, extremely useful for capturing the relatively harder to see wildlife of Borneo
  2. Inferior construction: I took the original Maxxum 5 all over Africa and never had a problem. This POS failed 3 times due to "water damage" without actually getting wet. I will never buy Minolta again.

Each image comes in 3 sizes: thumbmail, medium (no larger than 640x480), and large (no larger than 1024x768). Click thumnails to get medium. Click mediums to get large. If you want still larger images (for printing, wallpaper, etc), send me an email.

  1. Malacca, Batu Caves, and Bako National Park
  2. Bako National Park
  3. Bako to Mulu
  4. Mulu and Brunei
  5. Climbing Gunung Kinabalu
  6. Porring Hot Springs and Sepilock
  7. Sepilock and Uncle Tan's Wilderness Camp
  8. Sepilock: Pass 2
  9. Uncle Tan's and Danum Valley
  10. KK, Penang, and Angkor
  11. Terrace of the Elephants to Neak Pean
  12. Neak Pean to Thommanon
  13. Takeo, Ta Prohm, and Phnom Bakheng
  14. Banteay Samre, Pre Rup, and Prasat Kraven
  15. Koah Sok, Thailand and Angkor, Cambodia
  16. Banteay Srei, Roluos Group, and Irrwaddy dolphins
  17. Irrwaddy Dolphins and Prei Kuk
  18. Prei Kuk, Preah Kahn, and Bakor
  19. Bakor Hill Station and Kao Yai National Park