Half baked Africa photos

These are the photos I took, ordered (or maybe that's disordered) by film roll. Minimal culling and polishing has been done. A few bad scans, out of focus shots, and obvious duplicates have been removed. Mostly though, they're pretty raw.

There are 1156 photos here. If you are looking for a couple of quick peeks, this isn't the place. Go back to the Africa home page, maybe take a look at the Best of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Each image comes in 3 sizes: thumbmail, medium (no larger than 640x480), and large (no larger than 1024x768). Click thumnails to get medium. Click mediums to get large. If you want still larger images (for printing, wallpaper, etc), send me an email.

Up until Kigoma, I was using two cameras. The main camera was Minolta Maxxum 5 SLR. In the parks, I kept a 300mm zoom lens on the Minolta and used a Cannon compact 35mm for the wide angle shots. The Cannon doesn't really do telephoto so if you want to see how close the animals really were, check the rolls shot with the compact.

Between Zanzibar and Kigoma, the Cannon was lost. So later photos were done with the Minolta only.

"End Game" was shot with an Olympus compact I picked up at a pawn shop in Pretoria. About 2/3 of those shots were out of focus. Grrr. Only the clear shots are posted.

  1. Nairobi to Masai Mara (Cannon)
  2. Rift Valley to Lake Baringo (Minolta)
  3. Lake Nakuru to Masai Mara (Minolta)
  4. Masai Mara: Lions, Elephants, Hippos (Minolta)
  5. Masai Mara: Lion Cub and Serval (Minolta)
  6. Bewildered Lion Cubs and Cheatah Hunt, Part 1 (Minolta)
  7. Cheetah Kill + Gorillas (Minolta)
  8. Masai Mara to the White Nile (Cannon)
  9. Uganda to Hell (Cannon)
  10. Gorillas (Minolta)
  11. Gorillas to Terengere (Minolta)
  12. Hell to Ngorongoro (Cannon)
  13. Tarangire to Serengeti (Minolta)
  14. Serengeti (Minolta)
  15. Serengeti to Zanzibar (Minolta)
  16. Zanzibar to Chimanzees at Gombe Stream (Minolta)
  17. Chimanzees at Gombe Stream to Victoria Falls (Minolta)
  18. Victoria Falls to Okovongo Delta (Minolta)
  19. Okavango Delta, Etosha, Cheetah Park (Minolta)
  20. Namibia Cheetah Park (Minolta)
  21. Spitzkoppe, Cape Cross Seal Colony, and the Dunes (Minolta)
  22. Dune 45 to Bush camp (Minolta)
  23. Fish River Canyon to Cape Point (Minolta)
  24. Cape Point, Table Mountain, and Township Tour (Minolta)
  25. Cape Town Township, Robben Island, South Africa and Giza Plateau, Egypt (Minolta)
  26. Giza, Abu Simbal, and Philae (Minolta)
  27. Aswan to Komo Omo (Minolta)
  28. Komo Omo to Luxor (Minolta)
  29. Karnak to Valley of the Queens (Minolta)
  30. West Bank, Abydos, and Dendara (Minolta)
  31. Luxor to Alexandria (Minolta)
  32. Alexandria to Siwa (Minolta)
  33. Siwa + Step, Red, and Bent Pyramids (Minolta)
  34. End Game (Olympus)